I have the privilege of helping women, from all walks of life, become more intuitive, or "in-tune" to their own needs and I'm passionate about reconnecting them to their most valuable inner resource - their feminine essence.

My clients long to create deep, fulfilling relationships with men, re-ignite intense attraction and desire in their marriage, or re-enter the dating scene, and revive their sexual spark with emotional and sexual empowerement, release shame, guilt and limiting beliefs to design a life of pure authenticity, and become mindfully magnetic to find the feminine aspects of their soul.

Through 1:1 coaching (via Skype or in-person in Phoenix, AZ) there'll be discussions and explorations into root issues surrounding men, love, sex, trust and intimacy with a holistic focus on revealing your natural, feminine essence through a reconnection with your heart. I navigate through your self-doubts, insecurities and fears so that you can step into the light and own every single part of yourself.

Every session will be different and tailored to align with exactly what you need to elevate your self-discovery and propel you towards the love, life and relationship you've always dreamed of.

In essence, I will demystify men and bridge the communication gaps between male and female dynamics, giving you the key to his heart and devotion.



Investment: There's a world of difference between coaching a client for one month vs. three months to solidify her true essence and how she dates. At this time, I'm only taking clients with a minimum commitment of three months. Starting at $1500


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Become an Intuitive Lover & much much more.

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